Our Mission

Oceania Capital’s business project was born from the merging of integrated skills and common intentions aiming to enhance and develop the local industrial tissue.
At our core is a search for industrial investment opportunities to enable the enhancement of assets with good fundamentals and prospects.
We are interested in supporting companies that face generational transition issues, and that require the implementation of modern management systems to enable and manage growth.
We have an interest in supporting underperforming companies, entering actively within distressed and special situations too. We apply our turnaround and financial restructuring expertise whilst participating directly in the company’s capital.
Mixing this with the management and implementation of national and international commercial networks we can enable an exit from distress and a following integration with the Oceania group. The governance team, in addition to its partners, boasts multi-channel skills, technical specializations and an ability to face competitive challenges whilst thinking “outside of the box”.
Oceania Capital’s business model is based on the use of own or third-party financing. The ability to manage financial levers and alternative sources such as financial platforms, peer to peer funds and investor clubs allows maximum flexibility for each individual investment.




Growth & Development


Turnaround + Startup

CD Club Deal Investments & Corporate Acquisitions

Club Deals (CD) are investment groups including selected individuals or structures that come together in groups to make investments in companies targeted by Oceania. These clubs support the target’s development and internationalization, while making a gain that increases their assets and remunerates the risks taken.
The Club Deals selected and led by Oceania Capital participate financially in projects proposed by Oceania’s management, by financing the operation and supporting the target with their networks.

The CD model is studied and applied by the most important M&A boutiques in the world and is used as an alternative means of financing acquisitions.
The integration of private equity and mezzanine finance funds allows groups of credible managers with important experience behind them to acquire companies and support their growth.
Oceania Capital was created to create value using advanced financial instruments. Our management’s investment approach is to select portfolio balancing risks and returns.

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