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Our Core Business
Sviluppo e crescita del tessuto industriale

Oceania Capital was born from the coming together of integrated skills and common intentions aimed at enhancing and developing the local industrial fabric; is basically the search for industrial investment opportunities and the enhancement of businesses with good fundamentals and prospects.

Our skills

Multichannel vision, technical specialization, experience in competitive challenges.

Business model

The most suitable and flexible financial levers: from peer to peer funds to investor clubs.


Our syneergies: the best of the local business fabric, to target international markets.

Business Model

We are interested in supporting companies facing generational transition and the implementation of a modern management system that supports and manages growth.

Oceania Capital’s business model is based on the use of its own or third-party funding sources. The ability to manage financial levers and alternative sources such as financial platforms, peer-to-peer funds, and investor clubs allows for maximum flexibility related to the individual investment.

Club Deal

Club Deals are investment groups made up of selected individuals or structures that come together in groups to make investments in businesses in order to support their development and internationalization, while realizing a gain to increase their assets and remunerate their risk.
Club Deals selected and led by Oceania Capital participate financially in projects proposed by Oceania management by financially supporting the operation.

Portfolio companies

Our model involves constant and continuous acquisitions that can work synergistically with other acquired companies and our partners.